1 sided sandbag trench
3-1/2" two-battery earthworks
60x125mm mixed works/camp
7 foot siege ladder (metal)
8-1/2" gun battery works
African or ancient round hut - thatch roof
Ammo box barricade
Ancient town water well/monument
Army tent, pup style
Barrels and boxes works
Base Camps
Battle damaged #131
Battle damaged walled yard
Battle weary stone & wood fence(metal)
Bombed and breached #183
Bombed out #180
Bombed out #182
Bombed out #185
Bombed out #186
Bombed out #188
Borodino Redoubt
Breached #102
Breached #103
Breached #104
Breached curved earthworks
Breached earthworks
Brick rubble
Brick wall with battle damage
Brick walled yard (4" x 5")
Brick walls and rubble buildings (asst.)
Broken walls with rubble
Center Pieces

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